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Why should be used as an extract as opposed to capsules or teas?

There are several reasons why the graviola extract, (Soursop) is used:

1. The extract eliminates the need for the body to process plant cellulose when digested in any other form.

2. The extract maintains all the medicinal properties contained within the leaves known as acetogenins.

3. The formulation of our Graviola extract is free of preservatives, glycerine oil, and water.

4. The use Graviola extract is superior to other forms, such as capsules, teas and infusions, because many of the medicinal properties contained in the leaves, (roots and bark are not soluble in water).

5. The Graviola extract is easier to digest and it absorbs the bioactive components (acetogenins) of the leaves.

6. With capsules; the body would have the need to digest the components used in the capsule, in the case of the Graviola extract this digestive step it is not necessary.

7. As for the teas, when compared with the extract, we found a marked difference, teas require heat and water.

8. Another benefit of Graviola extract is that it is easily digestible.


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